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Made in City of Hope: Neural stem cells could stop brain tumor recurrence

Brain tumors are exceptionally difficult to treat. They can be removed surgically, but individual cancer cells may have already spread elsewhere in the brain and can escape the effects of both radiation and chemotherapy. To prevent tumors from recurring, doctors need a way to find and stop those invasive cancer cells. Researchers at City of […]

Neural stem cells: On the frontier of brain cancer therapy

Gliomas, a type of tumor that grows in the brain, are very difficult to treat successfully due to their complex nature. That might not always be the case. First some background: The most aggressive and common type of primary brain tumor in adults is glioblastoma. Although the brain tumor mass can often be removed surgically, complete resection (or removal) […]

Dr. Karen Aboody, M.D. at TEDxAJU

Bringing a New Stem Cell Treatment to Cancer Patients Dr. Aboody is an Associate Professor both in the Department of Neurosciences and Division of Neurosurgery at City of Hope. Her research focuses on using stem cells to treat cancer, brain tumors in particular. She founded biotech company TheraBiologics, inc., which develops “cancer targeted drug delivery,” […]

Researchers and the translational reality. Interview with Karen Aboody.

This article is reposted from NCBI Abstract Karen Aboody has first-hand experience of taking a potential therapy from the laboratory into clinical trials. Here, she shares with us the challenges and rewards of going from bench to bedside, and why all biomedical researchers need to know what it takes to make the transition if they […]

A Stem Cell Trojan Horse Against Brain Tumors

This article is reposted from ScienceLife The medical playbook against tumors is typically a three-pronged approach: cut as much of the tumor out as possible, then attack it with radiation and chemotherapy drugs. But some tumors don’t make it easy. Brain tumors, for example, are difficult to extract without causing serious and permanent damage to […]

Brain Tumors: Advancing Stem Cell Therapies

Karen Aboody speaks at the 2011 CIRM Grantee Meeting about the developing a stem cell-based clinical trial for malignant brain tumors. Dr. Aboody and her team at the City of Hope Hospital medical center in Duarte, have been funded by CIRM to create a human neural cell line with the ability to target brain tumor […]


This article is reposted from Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure recently funded Dr. Karen Aboody, a pioneering stem cell researcher at the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, California. She is working on a revolutionary new cancer treatment for the very worst brain tumors called glioblastomas (GBM).  These types of tumors […]