TheraBiologics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing human neural stem cell (NSC)-mediated cancer therapies.  TheraBiologics was founded in 2011 to capitalize on the discovery by founder, Dr. Aboody, and others that NSCs naturally rapidly migrate to cancer cells and penetrate tumors.


TheraBiologics’ TBX.NSC platform has been engineered to deliver a diverse range of potent anti-cancer agents selectively to invasive cancer sites in order to maximize therapeutic concentrations at the disease target and minimize off target toxicities.


An initial clinical safety study for lead product candidate TBX01 (active therapeutic agent:  5-FU, a pyrimidine analogue thymidylate synthase inhibitor) in recurrent brain tumor patients was completed in 2013.  All three lead product candidates, TBX01, TBX02 (active therapeutic agent:  SN-38, a highly potent topoisomerase inhibitor), and TBX03 (active therapeutic agent:  a cancer cell-specific destroying virus), are expected to be the subject of ongoing clinical trials in 2014.


Research programs have been funded by grant monies and private foundations totaling approximately $28 million, including an $18 million Disease Team award  from CIRM to TheraBiologics’ founder, Dr. Aboody, to develop TBX02 for clinical brain tumor trials.  Dr. Aboody was also recently awarded an NIH-NINDS Translational grant to develop TBX02 for clinical application for metastatic neuroblastoma.


TheraBiologics holds an exclusive license from Harvard to seminal patents for harnessing stems cells to fight cancer, and is led by accomplished scientific and business pioneers in the cell/gene therapy field.